Friday, May 13, 2016

Last week, Bennett came home with a letter explaining a week long theater camp that was coming to ORE.  He was excited about auditioning for "Robin Hood" - but after some pondering on the decision, thought it might be best if he didn't.  Bennett was concerned with his already busy schedule of homework, reading, guitar and baseball.  He wasn't sure it was the responsible choice to add another event to his calendar. We discussed the options.  And discussed, and discussed.  Finally, I said, "Just do it, Bennett.  If you get a part, we will figure it out."  He was relieved to have finally reached a decision.

Bennett tried out, and in typical Prose style gave very limited details.  He was a character that was half gnome half gorilla.  He didn't have any lines to memorize - not English words, anyway.  He refused to show us his part, just smiled and said "you will have to wait and see".

Being a district employee, I knew that everyone who tried out got  a part.  I also knew that no lines probably meant a member of the chorus, with little stage time.  And, I knew I would spend my weekend attending both 90 minute performances.

Andy was headed north to fish, so he got a ticket to the matinee.  He told me it was "so awesome!" but gave no other details.  Harper and I arrived 20 minutes early, and the place was jam packed.  Sitting in the back, Harper was excited when they invited the kids up to sit on the floor in front of the stage.  She joined her friends, and had the best seat in the house - to watch her brother nail his part as the funniest G-nome in Sherwood Forest.

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