Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Bennett complained this morning of his stomach not feeling well.  I basically told him to suck it up and it will feel better when it stops hurting.  Thinking "Come on, kid.  You can do it.  We only have a few days left!!"  I should know better.  Bennett doesn't complain much, and he definitely doesn't make up sicknesses.  The nurse called at 1pm - little boy B had just thrown up at school.  I organized my materials, and went to the ORE nurse's station.

After a solid 13 hours of sleep, Bennett was on the mend, but not well enough to go to school.  We decided to make the most of the unexpected day off, and go get those annoying warts removed. (Yeah, you read that correctly.  Who wouldn't want to get 3 warts frozen off on a beautiful, sunny,  spring day??)

I prepped Bennett by explaining the process, telling him my experience, and letting him know that it would likely hurt a bit.  He wanted to know if it would hurt as bad as when he fell on chicken wire.  I told him "no" - and hoped it wasn't a lie.

That kid.  He behaved just like when he got his six kindergarten shots.  Not a sound, or a peep, or even a deep breath from him, and the doctor applied liquid nitrogen on his hands.  He just looked at me, and smiled the "I'm ok, Mom" smile.

The highlight was when the doctor poured the remaining liquid nitrogen on the top of the counter, and it beaded up and disappeared.  Total science experiment at the office!

Upon leaving the clinic, I asked if it hurt, "Ummmm, yeah, MOM!!!  It hurt really bad!  But you were right, not as bad as the chicken wire."  Whew.  Thank goodness.

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