Saturday, April 2, 2016

Traveling home through mini blizzards, with 2 kids sleeping and 1 kid reading, listening to my co-pilot tell stories. Spring Break '16 is in the books.  Take-aways:
1. The Merchant still has the best cheese curds in Madison.
2. Traveling with 3 kids isn't really that difficult (when you have the best kids ever).
3.  There are fossils hidden in the capital, and all it took was one curious boy to ask the right question.
4.  I love my sister and bestie more than the best cheese curds in Madison, and I love cheese curds.
5.  Like her sister, it seems the Nut will love B the best.
6.  I wish we all lived on the same street, in the same city, because even though I love the vacation, I am excited to get back to the Mister.
7. You need a license plate on the front - and back - of your car in WI.  Thanks for the warning, Officer BJ.

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