Sunday, April 17, 2016

Saturday night we went to bed with no plans for Sunday morning (quite possibly because AP and AM stayed up until after 2am, talking about fly fishing...).  When the sun arose that morning, plans changed queickly.  It was decided that yard work needed to be done, and today was the day.  The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and after a breakfast of coca-cola and donuts, the troops were assembled.  First, we dug up all the dead plants and old mulch from the gardens.
Then, a trip was made to the local Home Depot for some fresh mulch and flowers for Harper's fairy gardens.  While we were away, Rick hopped on his tractor to thatch the yard.  Upon return, I bagged up all the dead grass (which was a lot of bags...  pretty sure I had to dump the mower after 2 rows, over and over and over).  While I mowed, AP and B mulched.
After their job was complete, Andy took over the mower, and I planted with the girls.
About this time, Boo Boo showed up and announced she was taking the kids to get their hair cut.  Harer asked to ride along, for a trim (and a "stack in the back").  Pretty sure this was the most difficult job of the day - lugging 3 kids to the haircut place, and then the pizza parlor.
After a qucik pizza lunch, and a shower, it was time for baseball.  And, the mental preparation for back to school tomorrow...
That may take awhile.

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