Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Kindergarten concert night! We've been counting down the days for months, swinging back and forth from excitement to a stomach ach. There was the thought that a solo part was manditory, but that was quickly squashed with an email and confirmation from Mrs. Hurdt. "No, Harper, you are not required to have a solo part". (But, Mrs. Hurdt did thank me for the message because solos are usually given to the kiddos who can read - and H has turned into quite the reader!)

The perfect outfit was selected the night before. The morning of there was some talk of an upset tummy, the minutes prior to departure  the hair unquestionably stacked. We were ready to go.

The nerves crept in as we walked down the kinder hall, but drop off went ok. As soon as the curtain opened, I knew sweet harps was not comfortable. Not at all. 

My heart ached as Harper sang through her tears, wiping them on her white sweater. She made it through 4 songs (the longest songs ever sung by 5year olds). Then, the heavens opened, and Mrs. Hurdt swooped in from stage left. Unbeknownst to anyone in the audience, Harper exited the performance. I met her in the hall, and she buried her face in my arms. 

Mrs. Hurdt smiled, gave her words of encouragement, and told me H said it was just "too much" (and she had to go to the bathroom).

Sweet shy little Harper. I told her how brave she was, and how incredibly proud of her we were, as she sang through her nerves. And, I am so proud. What I didn't tell her was that I didn't even think she would make it up on the stage, so I consider it a win. A heartbreaking night for mama and daddy, and a stressful one for H and the boy, but still a win.

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