Monday, October 5, 2015

Oh kindergarten.  The joys of kindergarten.  H love kindergarten (let's not talk about the bus or kidstop), and Mrs. Hurdt.  And, in true kindergartener spirit, Mrs. Hurdt knows EVERYTHING. and what she says is gospel. (omgosh, a side note; I totally said the other day, "Mrs. Hurdt said you had to wear a jacket."  total lie.  but, it worked like a charm!)

Our first "family project" came home, and is due Oct 19.  Apparently, Mrs. Hurdt said to "turn it in whenever you and your family are finished."  Which translates into - "we are making this pumpkin right now because MY TEACHER told me to turn it in when I was finished!!!!!" Alright - let's go make a pumpkin.

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