Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloweenie 2015!!  A spooky holiday is only made better when it falls on a Saturday (AND "fall back" the clocks?  Whoop whoop!!)  This year, Harper chose to be Catwoman/spy (but refused to wear her costume) and Bennett was a creepy Grim Reaper guy (but not the Grim Reaper). 
We continued the tradition of celebrating with GrandMummy and
our favorite backdoor neighbors
and Little Cesar's.  This year, Bennett's friend Andrew, joined us
 and being a country kid, he was quite excited for the candy overload the suburbs would provide.  It was a beautiful evening, with people filling the streets. 

And the kids are pretty much a perfect age - they ran from house to house - I just wish I would have given them glow sticks.  Pretty sure we lost them a time or two... 
But, they always came back.

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