Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fall break 2015 - the girls hit the road right after school. The boys bad some errands to run, and were a few hours behind. I thought Harps and I would chat the entire drive, but the girl was sleeping even before the Halfway Crossing.

(I did not attempt to wake her, just thanked my lucky stars and sang my way to Rose.) We love it here, and with chilled wine and garden chili, we settled right in.
As soon as B arrived he set his conference folder on the table to share with Grammy. So proud!
(Andy had had to attend conferences solo, but he took good notes.) Bennett's teacher had a glowing report and would love to multiply him for her classroom. His data looks good, and school continues to be a priority. Good work, ninja!

Harper's teacher loves H's energy and spirit. She is doing awesome in class (no tears during the day!!) and is continuing to make progress in branching out to new/other friends (but Kinzie is still her very favorite). High five, gnomeo!!

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