Saturday, August 22, 2015

The plan was to go school shopping. Bennett was super stoked, and grabbed the lists and pencils. Harper was not opposed to the trip, but I wouldn't say she was super excited, either.

Divide and conquer was the strategy. The Scorpios went crazy, sprint walking through the aisles, throwing stuff in the cart, periodically hollering, "Hey, girls!? How's it going?? You done yet??"

Harper and I took it a bit slower, but I knew exactly how to increase her excitement.  "Hey, Harps.  How about we pick out your backpack first?"

And, she found the exact perfect one.
And from there on, it was much more exciting to pick the "exact perfect" everything else - and check each off the list.
Always, the backpacks are the favorite item to select. And like everything else in our world, the 2015-2016 backpacks speak directly to the personalities of the Prose children, and made me smile (and yes, maybe one tear slid down my cheek as I inhaled in love and exhaled gratitude). 
Third grade and kindergarten, here we come.

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