Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hot, hot, muggy day - but we spent it outside (mainly to keep quiet for the sleeping mister).  The kids hopped in and out of the pool all afternoon, with H changing into a dry suit each time, and B rolling his eyes at his "high maintenance" sister.  (Those who know him well, know that those were his exact words.)  It was a total ABCBABCB pattern that consisted of golf, pool, capture the flag, pool, golf, pool, capture the flag, pool...

Bennett called it a night around 7:30pm, and put himself expertly to bed.  It was around 8:06pm, when the littlest ones asked us to take the cover off the pool (again).  I said, "Nope." as Boo simultaneously responded, "Sure." (*see previous post on my hard core parenting personality...)  Who do you think won that one???

I was annoyed - for .8 seconds.  But, honestly, these kiddos don't have many late summer nights left, and if they want to run themselves weary doing cannon balls and swimming like mermaids - I was sincerely happy to extend my life guarding hours.

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