Saturday, March 25, 2017

March 25, 2017.  Finally "airplane day" had arrived, and looking back, I have no idea how we got anyone to sleep the night before.  But we did (high five!!), and the 4:30am alarm had everyone jumping around and getting ready.  We drove (dare I say, shhhh, don't tell - with four in the back) to Humphrey to board Sun Country.  The excitement was intense - you could almost see it seeping from the pores of the Ninja and the Gnome.  They both kept looking at each other and giggling.

The plane ride was uneventful (unless you count my first ever airplane cocktail),

and after gathering our luggage and giant SUV, Marge was able to easily navigate us to Port New Orleans Walt Disney World Resort.  It might have been the speediest check in, bag drop, get on  the bus gus in the history of Disney Vacations.  Everyone was ready to rock it Mickey Style.

It was all a whirlwind, but here are some highlights: The Castle.  This might only be on my list, but I seriously can not get enough of that castle.  I could have sat on the curb and looked at the castle all day (but, only if I was on the curb by the hotdog stand).

 The Parade.  Seeing the characters come to life ("They are FOR REAL, MAMA!!  FOR REAL!!"), especially through Harper's eyes was pretty magical.

 These two hand holding siblings.

 It's a Small World.

The (free) Mickey ears!  Thanks to the kiosk lady who didn't have the magic code to unlock her register.

 Space Mountain with Grampy and Bbones.  (this maybe should be #2 on the list)  We all were pretty nervous, and thank goodness we Fast Passed it so we didn't have too long to debate on sneaking out the back door.  It was pitch black, super scary and super duper fun!

Easily topping the list at #1 (although Space Mountain was close) -  this motley crew.  These people are my favorites.

As Day 1 at Disney wound down, our feet were sluggish, our hearts bursting with with magic, love and gratitude, and we were a bit thirsty.  Mission Accomplished.

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