Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I spent some of Tuesday preparing for my trip to the Windy City - thinking I had "all day tomorrow" to finalize and tweak my plans.   Well, the fever had it's own plan, and it took residence in Harper Nicole around midnight.  The 104* data made it clear that I would be extending my absence one extra day, and I got to work on another day of sub plans.  (Which - just for fun - think of your job.  Now, write down everything you do and everything say in 15 minute increments.  Include higher level thinking and additional activities just in case there is a spare minute or two.  Also, be sure include any possible allergy concerns for 25 other people, and transportation changes, and possible emergency closing plans...  Just in case...)

Harps didn't really talk to me all day, she just wanted to hold my hand and rest.  Her fever dropped to 101* for a couple hours in the afternoon, then spiked back up to 104*.  It made me so sad to grab my suitcase, and Bennett, and get in the car - we both got a little teary...  But, we had a plane to catch, and we were not throwing away our shot!

*I was leaving Harper in the most loving and capable hands.  Daddy to the rescue.

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