Sunday, February 19, 2017

Friday afternoon, exactly 2 minutes after I arrived home, the boys were on the road for their annual Ducks Unlimited Fishing Tournament.  They were so excited for some bonding time on the frozen lake, and Harper and I were excited for them - and us.  No boys, Mama!!!  This is gonna be aweSOME!!  H had plans to lay in bed with snacks all day long and watch movies.  (ummm.... Ker-plunk!)

The weather did not cooperate with the Gnome's plan, however.  With bright warm sunshine, it was too nice to stay in bed all day.  So we played with our friends, hit up the  park a couple times, and attempted a sleepover.  (home, snuggled up in Mama's bed by 8pm)

The gender split weekend was a success for all parties.  I love love love this age of our kiddos.  Their independence, and ability to participate in activities the parentals love (ie: fishing and puttering around the house) is the perfect combination.

Next week, we will swap kids for another weekend of family bonding.

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