Saturday, July 30, 2016

What to do, what to do.  AP wanted to "do SOMETHING".  His version of doing something, and mine are quite different.  Honestly, I was worried that he would plan an all day (expensive) trip that included time (hours) in the car.  Quickly, I suggested Quarry State Park.

Any of my avide readers, who are SCUS alumi, or spent any time in near SCSU in the late '90s probably has their own memory of the quarries (or, perhaps, little or no memory of the quarries?)  The Mister and I both spent many sunny afternoons cliff jumping and floaty floating - with a cooler stashed in the trees.  Fortunately, for our little family, Quarry State Park has gotten a brand overhaul.

While Quarry #11 is still full of kids and loud music and coolers (gasp!), Quarry #2 is very family friends - with a sandy beach and tiny cliffs for tiny jumpers.  It was a wonderful day, and thanks to the bug spray packed by AP, we enjoyed the hiking, as well as the cool deep waters.  (and thanks to my brilliant idea, we spent $5, and we were home for naptime.)

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