Saturday, July 9, 2016

Every summer, the Prose children have a lemonade stand (or two).  The first one always raises money for JDRF - and the collection goes directly to Team Ella and finding a cure for Juvenile Diabetes.  Bennett takes this very seriously, and this year he started the planning a few days in advance (which made my life much easier, as we were not scrambling around the day off trying to get all the materials - this kid is definitely maturing with his project preparation).

The goals was set for $100 (that's a lot of lemons at 25 cents a cup), and the stand was open the next few days. Bennett worked the majority of the shifts, and in another example of the above mentioned maturity, he was able to work fairly unattended.  (I mean, of course I was watching, I just didn't have to sit next to him and watch...  I could easily keep an eye from the yard, or house, or maybe while I was napping...)

The stand was a huge success - with some extreme donations mailed from a friend who resides in Milaca and Grampy - the grand total was...

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