Sunday, July 9, 2017

Many times I speak of our village, and how incredibly thankful I am for their help in raising the Ninja and the Gnome.  We are so lucky to have people surrounding us to teach and inspire the kids on many levels - from academic and political to outdoor and adventure.  There is one Caveman in particular that we hold dear - and that is Matt Jacobson.

Matt has taught Bennett to snowboard, and fire build, and to go on super scary rides, and fuse an incredibly unsafe amount of fireworks together.  He gives advice and answers questions patiently. Bennett trusts him completely, and listens to and applies Matt's suggestions.   Matt encourages Bennett to try new things and he leads by example (and let me tell you - that kid is watching and learning....)

Bennett suggested that he maybe one day, he would like to learn how to wakeboard.  Matt said "Let's do it, Buddy." and together, they did.

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