Sunday, April 2, 2017

You are about to read about the best family vacation ever.  Spoiler alert - there are a lot of photos, and even more of "this is the best day ever" comments.  I know, it sounds a bit cliche - but it's for reals. This was the best vacation ever.  I am so grateful I got to see as Bennett entered the wonderful world of Harry Potter, and Grampy as he rode the best rollercoaster of his life.  To Harper transform into a princess, and Grammy experience 1960's space command a rocket launch.  I got to stand next to my sister as a dragon breathed fire over our heads, and hold hands with the Mister and share a smile as we watched our not-so-little littles experience all this magic.

They say that Disney World is full of magic, and they might be right.  We definitely did find some magic at that kingdom - but we also found it at Universal, and Clearwater Beach, and Kennedy Space, and Reunion Resort.  We found the magic at the pool and in the rental SUV.  It was like it followed us everywhere...  Or maybe we were casting the spells.  Being together - we were creating the  magic.

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